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Real Estate Purchase & Mortgage Customer

I recently had the pleasure of working with Laurence as both my real estate agent and mortgage broker as a first-time home buyer. Right from our initial meeting and the first property we toured it was clear that Laurence had my best interests at heart. As a first-time home buyer, I had numerous questions and uncertainties, and he patiently guided me through every step. He has a very transparent approach and is always willing to explain all the pros and cons of each property. What truly set Laurence apart was his genuine honesty. In a market that was sometimes overwhelming for a buyer, I felt reassured by his straightforward advice and never felt pushed into buying for a single moment. When the right property came along, working with Laurence as both realtor and mortgage broker made it extremely easy and efficient to get an offer in the very same day and his attention to detail made everything leading up to closing a smooth and stress-free experience. Laurence went above and beyond to ensure I understood the steps involved, from the initial offer to the final closing. As an experienced mortgage broker, he ensured I get the best possible rate on my loan in a very volatile market!

Thanks to Laurence I now have a house that is everything I was looking for! I wholeheartedly recommend Laurence as both a realtor and mortgage broker to any buyer who is looking for a realtor that prioritizes honesty, guidance, and exceptional service.

Milica G. -- Lansdale, PA


Purchase Real Estate & Mortgage Customer

My wife and I came across Laurence's information through my wife's parents who had been using his financial advisory services for quite some time. Initially, we wanted to talk to Laurence to gain some understanding of our financial situation and if it was possible to obtain a mortgage and ultimately purchase a home. After speaking with him over the phone, it was clear as to why my in-laws were so adamant about using Laurence's services. His attention to detail, genuine interest in your situation, and overall professionalism made it a clear decision to use Laurence as our financial and real estate agent.

Throughout the home purchasing process, Laurence ensured that all dates were met and questions were answered ahead of any deadline. His flexible work schedule allowed for after-work and sometimes late-night phone calls, far surpassing any expectations of other financial and mortgage agencies. We went through many house listings and even when our spirits were low with not finding exactly what we wanted, Laurence was reassuring and maintained an optimistic attitude. I can unequivocally say that Laurence provided exemplary service and allowed us to purchase the house of our dreams. Thank you Laurence Ostrom!

Jorge Cesmegi III -- Willow Grove, PA


Mortgage Customer: Three Refinances

My search for a Mortgage consultant started over ten years ago when I picked up the yellow pages and I started calling brokers for our first refinance. My search ended the instant Laurence answered the phone. Unlike the others, he answered the phone, which is a big deal with me. After talking with him for a couple of minutes, I knew that Laurence was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and thorough. He told me he was not affiliated with any mortgage lender and that he attended all his customers' closings. I decided to give him my business. That was a GREAT decision. I have since trusted Laurence for two other refinances. Â We closed on the last one yesterday. Not only did I get the best rate in a decade, but the process was easier than ever, despite an exponential increase in paperwork and complicated legalities over the years. As always, Laurence sought out not only the best rate but went the extra mile to save me money on what he affectionately calls the "junk" fees. This one went very smoothly; however, not all do. That's when you will really be glad you chose Laurence.

In a previous refinance, a lender "pulled a fast one" on us. Laurence dumped him, found a new lender, and the process resumed seamlessly.

Laurence is the consummate mortgage professional and the best guide and advocate you will find if you are considering a refinance. Save yourself time and money: call Laurence first.

Dan Pourreau -- Exton, PA


Purchase Real Estate & Mortgage Customer

It was a pleasure to work with Laurence throughout my first home buying experience. He was extremely thorough. Anytime he knew something, I knew it too. He was always honest and gave great advice. I used Laurence for both my house search as well as my mortgage. He was helpful in many aspects because he wears "both hats". Laurence was right on with all of his estimates and recommendations. I will recommend Laurence to anyone in their real estate purchase or their mortgage needs with no hesitation. Thank you, Laurence!

Mike M. -- West Chester, PA


Two Purchase real estate; Two refinance customer

In September 1999, I signed an agreement of sale for purchase of my first home in Harleysville, PA. This necessitated a careful evaluation of several mortgage lenders on important criteria such as price (i.e. interest rate & closing costs), level of service, honesty, knowledge of both the mortgage lending and real estate industries & perhaps most importantly whether the mortgage lender would truly work for me. This evaluation led me to the decision to have Laurence Ostrom & Professional Mortgage Consultants handle my mortgage needs.

I have since used Laurence's services for two refinance transactions on the house in Harleysville - in February 2001 & August 2003 respectively. Lastly, I hired Laurence once again to assist me in August 2005 for the purchase of my second home in Newtown PA.

In each case, Laurence aggressively sought out the best mortgage loan for my needs & the closing cost structure was attractive, in particular the hundreds of dollars he saved me on title insurance. In addition, his honesty, knowledge of the big picture of the real estate business & level of service was stellar. There is nobody that I would trust more than Laurence to help navigate my way through the maze of mortgage lending and real estate transactions. Most importantly, Laurence works for YOU & he understands the fundamental bottom line-namely to meet the needs & desires of the customer - both before and after closing.

In short, I consider the decision to have Laurence work for me as one of the smartest decisions I have made in my life. Feel free to contact me at 215-799-5231 if additional information or specific examples of the above mentioned are needed.

Michael Penrose -- Levittown, PA


Purchase Real Estate Customer

Laurence has chosen his company's name well, as he is the ultimate professional when it comes to real estate and financing. After an initial consultation with Laurence, you are almost on Auto-Pilot as he handles the transaction henceforth. He sorted through all the information out there and narrowed the field to only the properties that fit my requested price, location, sq. ft., ... He familiarized himself with each of these properties allowing me to choose to visit only the units that fit my desires. His negotiating skills were excellent and ability to heed even the finest of details was awesome. In fact, I had closing the same day I had Hip Replacement Surgery. He gathered all the necessary paperwork I needed to sign and brought them to my hospital bed. He then returned to the Title Co. and represented me at closing (with my full legal authority). I could keep the accolades coming discussing post-closing, but I think I have made myself clear--I couldn't recommend anyone more than Laurence, and I will avail myself of his services again during my next real estate transaction.

Matt M. -- Philadelphia, PA


Purchase Customer

Working with Laurence was extremely professional from the very beginning. I got his name from my sister, who had a great experience in getting their loan through PMC in May 2005. Upon meeting with Laurence, his knowledge level was a clear advantage compared to other mortgage consultants I worked with. He knew his products in much better detail while having more products available than other mortgage brokers. Once we picked the type of mortgage product, he was very skillful in terms of securing the loan with the bank and explaining the mountain of paperwork that you must sign at home closing. That's right, he showed up at closing to explain all those forms. I have purchased three properties in my life and Laurence was the first mortgage consultant to show up at closing to make sure everything went smoothly.

He has raised the bar in terms of my expectations the next time I need a mortgage. In short, my sister and I enjoy the most competitive mortgage price available while having the comfort of Laurence's professional service. I recommend him to anyone looking for the lowest mortgage and attention to detail.

Russ C. -- West Chester, PA


Primary Residence Refinance and Vacation Home Purchase Customer

New Home Buyers,

When it was time to refinance a friend of mine highly recommended Professional Mortgage Consultants. She had nothing but praise for Laurence's services. Thinking all mortgage services were the same, I gave Laurence a call. I soon realized that my friend was not exaggerating. Laurence Ostrom is a very professional, competent consultant. Our paperwork was processed with minimal effort on our part. He knew precisely what he needed and came right to the point. The closing costs were calculated within pennies and the products he offers are numerous and competitive. Recently my husband and I were in the market for another home and Laurence responded quickly to my phone calls for mortgage rate updates. I am thrilled to know that he will be a real estate agent. It is comforting to know that there is a person I can trust and rely on for good advice. So much so, that he is now handling my son's new home purchase.

Good Luck Laurence, Regards,

Angel & Marty W. -- Pocono Pines, PA


Refinance and Purchase Customer

I have been doing business with Laurence for over 10 years. He helped us tremendously with our first mortgage. Since then, he has guided us smoothly through two refinances and the purchase of a second home. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, detail-oriented, honest and readily available to talk.

I would have been lost without his help. Thanks Laurence!

Sue D. -- Abington, PA


Real Estate Sales Purchase Client

We couldn't have had a better agent to help us in everything. We cannot thank you enough. You're a godsend! May you and your family be immensely blessed this Holiday Season!

Erick & Sabrina Miranda -- Philadelphia, PA


Investment Property and Primary Residence Refinance Customer

Laurence has consistently done a great job for me. I have refinanced my investment properties and my home several times with Laurence. Never a snag, never a surprise. He always has competitive rates without all the "extra" fees. He is extremely competent and honest. I recommend him to all my family and friends.

Bob M. -- Berwyn, PA

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