My search for a Mortgage consultant started over ten years ago when I picked up the yellow pages and I started calling brokers for our first refinance.  My search ended the instant Laurence answered the phone.   Unlike the others, he answered the phone, which is a big deal with me.  After talking with him for a couple of minutes, I knew that Laurence was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and thorough.   He told me he was not affiliated with any mortgage lender and that he attended all his customers’ closings. I decided to give him my business. That was a GREAT decision.

I have since trusted Laurence for two other refinances.  We closed on the last one yesterday.  Not only did I get the best rate in a decade, put the process was easier than ever, despite an exponential increase in paperwork and complicated legalities over the years.   As always, Laurence sought out not only the best rate but went the extra mile to save me money on what he affectionately calls the “junk” fees.   This one went very smoothly; however, not all do.  That’s when you will really be glad you chose Laurence.   In a previous refinance, a lender “pulled a fast one” on us. Laurence dumped him, found a new lender, and the process resumed seamlessly.   

Laurence is the consummate mortgage professional and the best guide and advocate you will find if you are considering a refinance.   Save yourself time and money: call Laurence first.

Dan Pourreau Exton , PA