Working with Laurence was extremely professional from the very beginning. I got his name from my sister who had a great experience in getting their loan through PMC in May 2005. Upon meeting with Laurence, his knowledge level was a clear advantage compared to other mortgage consultants I worked with. He knew his products in much better detail while having more products available than other mortgage brokers. Once we picked the type of mortgage product, he was very skillful in terms of securing the loan with the bank and explaining the mountain of paperwork that you must sign at home closing. That's right, he showed up at closing to explain all those forms. I have purchased three properties in my life and Laurence was the first mortgage consultant to show up at closing to make sure everything went smoothly. He has raised the bar in terms of my expectations the next time I need a mortgage. In short, my sister and I enjoy the most competitive mortgage price available while having the comfort of Laurence's professional service. I recommend him to anyone looking for the lowest mortgage and attention to detail.