Laurence has chosen his company's name well, as he is the ultimate Professional when it comes to Real Estate and Financing.After an initial consultation w/ Laurence, you are almost on Auto-Pilot as he handles the transaction henceforth, He sorted through all the information out there and narrowed the field to only the properties that fit my requested price, location, sq. ft., ...He familarized himself w/ each of these properties allowing me to choose to visit only the units that fit my desires.His negotiating skills were excellent and ability to heed even the finest of details was awesome.In fact, I had closing the same day I had Hip Replacement Surgery. He gathered all the necessary paperwork i needed to sign and brought them to my hospital bed. He then returned to the Title Co. and represented me at closing (w/my full legal authority).I could keep the accolades coming discussing post-closing, but I think I have made my myself clear--I couldn't recommend anyone more than Laurence, and I will avail myself of his services again during my next Real Estate transaction.

Matt M. 11/2018